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Cambridge Molecular announces the release of DeepDELve 2

25 August 2021

Cambridge Molecular is pleased to announce the release of its latest target-specific virtual screening pipeline, DeepDELve 2. The announcement is the culmination of two and a half years of research and development.

DeepDELve is Cambridge Molecular’s DEL-powered virtual screening platform, built around a proprietary twinned deep learning and chemoinformatics workflow. The platform provides for a DEL-followup procedure that yields more diverse leads than a resynthesis paradigm, considerably faster and with an approximately 95% reduction in compound acquisition costs.

DeepDELve 2 incorporates significant upgrades to the original pipeline and is highly optimised for robustness, accuracy, diversity of output, and speed. It also incorporates a new diversity module, allowing for integrated selection of maximally diverse catalogue compounds with the highest possible confidence. After the completion of a one-off initial calibration project, recommendations are available within 24 hours of each DEL screen. The next version of DeepDELve will be significantly faster.

DeepDELve 2 is available for pilot projects to any team that generates or holds DEL data. Please contact us for more information.

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